Tour Freeride

From the Alps to the Sea! Mtb Freeride Tour

The Cascina del Groppo propose a spectacular Mountainbike Tour, 1200mt elevation and 40 km of trails. Starting from Valle Aquila, you'll arrive on Altavia Monti Liguri (the Ligurian Mountains),until you'll arriving on the sea. You'll think you're in a piece of integral nature, you'll pass the biggest Beech tree forest in Europe. You'll pass the top of the monte Carmo (1389 mt) and near Loano. Back home with shuttle-service and we'll close the day with a little snack and drink


  • Full day
  • Lunch to "Rifugio Pian delle bosse" not included
  • E-bike rent  [Hibike Yamaha engine]
  • Elevation 1200 mt
  • Lenght 40km
  • info +39 3487247816  


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